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under the shadow of this red rock
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Truth is stranger...

Or so they say...but I have my doubts.

I don't have much to include here yet, as you can see, but I hope you do enjoy what is here. I'll add more as the muse kicks me in the pants. Pretty much everything I write is NC-17 and f/f slash, so don't read if it squicks you or is in any way illegal for you to read. Stories are listed by fandom and pop up in a blank window for printer friendliness.

If you want to archive any of my stories, please ask me first.


The Edge of Night (Abby/Susan)

And It's Not the Weather (Abby/Kerry, part one of a series)

Only Wet Because of the Rain (Abby/Kerry, part two of a series)

She's Your Cocaine (Abby/Kerry, part three of a series)

Harry Potter

A Diamond, Jagged (Cho/Pansy)

Another and Another (Ginny/Severa, part one of a WIP)

Pretty (Cho/Millicent)

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