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under the shadow of this red rock
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These are all stories I love, for one reason or another. They're from different fandoms and involve different pairings, but they have one thing in common -- excellent writing.


What Work Is by Mosca (Abby/Susan)
I'll read anything Mosca writes. She has a gift for getting down to the base of characters, the visceral truth. This particular tale features Abby, so it's one of my favourites.

In the Familiar Dark by Xander (Abby/Kerry)
Kerry, Abby and HOT sex. What more can you ask for?

A Thing About You by maven (Kerry/Kim/Abby)
The penultimate chapter of The Thing-verse Series. You really need to read the entire series to understand the plot, but this particular part stayed in my head for a long, long time -- and it wasn't just the sex.

Harry Potter

Autumn by dulcinea (Ginny/Penelope)
Penelope's desperate to be loved and Ginny is desperate to atone for her brother's sins. Beautiful and gut wrenching.

We All Fall Down
by Bec (Hermione/Ginny)
This was the story that got me reading the HP fandom in the first place. It's dark and angsty and sneakily romantic.

And Now For Something Completely Different by Silvia (Harry/Draco)
Harry wakes up as a girl, yet Ron is still Ron and Hermione still very much Hermione. Too funny to describe properly. Just read it.

Left Handed by Ivy Blossom (Hermione/Pansy)
Nice view of Hermione from the outside. Sweet and sexy.

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