AUTHOR: Caeliste
TITLE: A Diamond, Jagged
DISCLAIMER: This is not a story for children. JK Rowling and her publishers et al own the Harry Potter books. This story is mine.

Everything about Pansy Parkinson is hard except for her name - lean arms and thighs bulging with muscle, angular chin and cheekbones, and her eyes. Especially her eyes. And then her name, all flowers and weakness. Cho ponders this irony for mere seconds before Pansy's rough fingers dig into her again and again.

Like most things at Hogwarts, it started with Quidditch. Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin, of course. Pansy sitting in the stands, pretending to watch Malfoy. Small, smirking Malfoy with his thin lips and small hands. So dainty it made Pansy sick.

He angled toward the Ravenclaw seeker, a small girl named Cho Chang. Pansy watched as he leaned in to whisper something in her ear. In seconds, Chang reared back and slammed into Malfoy with a sickening crunch. He spiralled toward the grass, his mouth a small 'o' of surprise. Pansy smiled into a clenched fist.

Pansy cradles her in one arm. Cho wraps her legs around her waist, letting her back rest on the jagged dungeon walls. It feels like Pansy can never be deep enough inside her. Cho closes her eyes and lets her head fall back, her mouth open.

Pansy waited outside the Ravenclaw locker rooms. She watched in the darkness as the rest of the team walked back to the castle, boisterous and grinning. Eventually Chang emerged, long jet-black hair wet and glittering in the moonlight.

Cho jumped when she stepped out of the shadows, but held her ground. "If you're here because of what happened with Malfoy - "

"He deserved it," Pansy finished. She gave Cho a small smile, steely grey eyes cool and calculating. "It's only a broken arm. He'll be out of hospital by morning."

"So, why are you here?" Cho had to tilt her head back to meet her eyes.

Pansy leans into her neck, her teeth sharp points on tender flesh. "Relax," she whispers, "open yourself up to me." She shivers when Pansy slides a fourth finger inside of her. She is so small and Pansy's hands, like the rest of her, are so big and so hard.

They'd crept into the kitchens for cold sandwiches and butter beer. When the small talk ran dry, they sat staring at each other. Pansy picked at the label on her butter beer bottle.

"Are you really shagging Harry Potter?"

Cho choked on a piece of cold chicken. She coughed and looked up at Pansy with watery eyes. "Are you really shagging Draco Malfoy?"

Pansy chuckled. "You shouldn't believe everything you hear."

Cho leaned in close to Pansy's face. "Neither should you."

And then Pansy cupped Cho's delicate face in her huge hands and kissed her. They'd stayed there for a while, kissing, tasting cold chicken and butter beer on each other's lips. Cho still smelled like night air and grass and clean sweat.

Cho can feel herself dripping into Pansy's palm. She thinks that this can't possibly feel any better, that any more pleasure would certainly kill her. Then Pansy shifts and presses her thumb onto her clit. Cho's muscles stiffen and her entire body vibrates as if under the effects of a terrible curse.

Pansy leads her down to the dungeons. There is a secret place that only she and Draco know about. She made him show her when Blaise came back to the dormitory well after midnight with small dainty bruises around her neck.

Choked, pleading noises fill Cho's ears and she can hardly believe she's the one making them. She comes, hands fluttering helplessly behind Pansy's back. Cho cries out many words, mostly nonsense, but Pansy hears the word 'love' twice. She smiles, grey eyes bright in the flickering torch light.