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under the shadow of this red rock
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November 15, 2003

I know it's been ages since I've updated the site, and I apologize for that. It's been a very emotional (not to mention busy) six months for me. I've added some new Harry Potter recs for you to check out. I'll be adding some more of my stories in the next day or so. I promise.

May 14, 2003

I've added three new Harry Potter femmeslash pieces: A Diamond, Jagged, Another and Another and Pretty. All of them are quite short, but I am working on a very long Hermione fic that won't be ready for quite some time.

May 05, 2003

Here it is, my very own website. The design was a little rushed because once I had the idea to make a separate site for my writing, I wanted it up as soon as possible. I used a css template from, and a lovely little css template it is. I've made lots of changes, of course, but it would've taken me much much longer to whip up this site without it. A little shout out to alice at vox populli (my wonderful host) for getting me into css in the first place.

This site is an experiement for me -- a chance to focus on my own work (I'm so vain, I bet I think this site is about me), recommend the work of other writers I admire and blab on about myself once in awhile.

Thanks for listening.

- Caeliste

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